Human Body IR Thermometer Medical License CE

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human body IR Thermometer / CE Gun Type Thermometer / Non contact Thermometers

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • non contact Infrared tehrmometer
  • body infrared therometers
  • human infrared thermometer
  • forehead thermometer
  • Yellow,Green and Red Color Display

Product Details

 Non Concact Human Body Infrared Thermoemters


Power Supply:DC 3V

Product Size:149*77*43mm

Specification:Body mode:34 to 42.9  93.2-109.2

Surface mode:1 to 100  32-212

accuracy:0-33.9℃ ±

34-34.9℃ ±0.3 

35-42℃ ±0.2 

42-42.9℃ ±0.3 

243-100℃ ±

Big LCD with backlight can be used in dark environment

measuring distance:3cm-5cm

Power consumption:50mW

Fast measuring time:1 seconds

Operating Temperature:10-40 RH85%

Manner Non-contact

Automatic shutdown:15 seconds

Store data:31 sets of stored data

Optional units: Celsius (C)/Fahrenheit (F)


High temperature alarm:freely set alarm temperature

Yellow,Green and Red Color Display

Package size:40pcs per carton

Carton size:48.5*17*42.6cm

Gross weight:7kgs/carton

V-HanDing Automation Technology Co.,Limited

Contact Person: Cindy Yao

Post: Sales Manager

Telephone: +86-186-7670-7416

Landline: +86-186-7670-7416

Company Address: 19A,Jiali Building,Tangtou No.3 Industrial Park,Shiyan,Bao’an District,Shenzhen 518108 China


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